Samaritan Oils = THIEVES

Updated: Apr 30

Weighing in on whether to get the 5 oils to make your Good Samaritan Oil... or not?

GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! You'll be relieved to know that...

Just like the picture shows, the 5 essential oils Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary that comprise the OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN are indeed one & the same as the proprietary Young Living oil blend THIEVES.

For real!

What does this mean for all of us, then?

Well... it means a TONNE.

But while I could expound on this considerably (trust me on that one! :-), suffice it for me to emphasize these two VERY important things:

  1. We don't have to be guessing at that ever-elusive recipe! Before we even talk carrier oil (of which is purported to be 1:5 ratio according to Our Lady, as given to Luz de Maria)... what about those 5 oils blended together beforehand..? How many drops of each oil to one another... what oils get mixed together first—and how, or how long, exactly...? Oh, the opinions that abound when you start trying to do your research on all that!

  2. We can rest easy and just leave the proven science of blending to the experts. FACT: Young Living, the leader in the essential oil industry worldwide, perfected the Thieves blend over 26 years ago using exacting science based on the oils's natural chemical constituents, and how certain ones need to synergize with each other and homogenize together before being added to the rest. For me personally, it was not only such a relief to learn, but beyond fascinating!

> From a page in my eBook...

Ahhh... what a huge relief to know that in just one simple pre-made blend, we have the Cadillac of immune system support at our immediate disposal!

Now, if anyone knows me, I'm all about SOLUTIONS, & getting the most out of a situation or a purchase.

I've HAD TO over the years, out of the pressing need to thrive in not-so-ideal situations; first being raised a farm girl who's family resurrected an abandoned farm site when I was 7 years old, and then being in full-time ministry in the Catholic church for over 20 years... all while raising 8 children!

So after literally hundreds of inquiries from people wanting to know how to get their Thieves oil (or their 5 Good Samaritan oils), I've put these comparison infographics together, below, to save you a LOT of guesswork (and your hard-earned $'s).

This will help you to see the immense value of thinking outside the box of merely aiming to acquire just those 5 Samaritan oils (let's be honest; no one really knows the actual science-based "recipe" of the proprietary blend... all that has been publicly disseminated is the 1:5 RATIO of eo's to carrier oil)—but rather, going even one step further to offer these specially-assembled combo-packs of pre-made Thieves immune-supportive products in the THIEVES POWERHOUSE PACK, or the THIEVES TOPICAL/AROMATIC PACK...


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PLEASE NOTE: In order access Young Living's 24% discounted rates, all US customers are required, at the very least, to purchase a BASIC STARTER KIT, shown above in the centre. Again, MORE VALUE! This $35 Kit gives you a wholesale account with Young Living for LIFE, as long as you make just one $50 USD order a year to keep your account active. Easy peasy, my friend! (And seriously... who couldn't use a little of the amazing blend "Stress Away" in their lives?!)


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INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS! You can special-request the Canadian Packs, too (diffusers may vary from country to country). American friends as well, if that is what you prefer!

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Well, that's a wrap for today, folks! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


~Lea Mallett

(Member #14678057)

ps) I do have a "Chat" app on my website where you can fire me a quick note on if you like. Be sure to leave your contact info when prompted, as I am not able to reach you after you leave my site otherwise! (Sometimes people opt to skip that part and then wonder why I've ignored them, yikes! I may not always be available the moment you write, but I do always get back to everyone!)

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