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“If you love the oils so much, why aren't you sharing about them?”

This is a question a dear friend (and fellow oiler) asked me several years ago, knowing that I had already been benefitting from these wonderful oils for a long time.


But... I had a bit of a problem.


I really struggled with the whole "Network Marketing" scenario... plus, I already had (have!) an equestrian side business ( that I am very passionate about, and really couldn't see it fitting into my already full & busy family life.

So in my mind I was thinking how I could politely evade the invitation to step up to that rather unpalatable plate. But then something clicked inside of me when she asked...

Start Something New.jpg

"Lea, don't you want that kind of wellness for others too?"

Well... yesof course! It's become very much a passion of mine to be able to help people find a way through to better health and vitality... to freedom from the bondage of sickness & toxicity. Having personally found my way through to the other side of that, and learned some valuable things along the way, why wouldn't I want that for others also...?

So right then and there is when I ceased interpreting it as a business of "prospecting" people (uuugghh!), and seeing it more-so as a great mission of sharing whole-body wellness. I have also come to discover more & more as I've learned about Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living, that this was his heart too—the huge heart of what drove and inspired him. 

As for the “Network Marketing” side of it?


If we're all to be completely honest with ourselves, we actually "network market" ALL the time—but rarely do we get compensated for doing itAm I right?

For example... Did you really enjoy a Netflix movie the other night and tell some family members about it? And did Netflix send a Thank You Bonus in the mail when they ended up watching that movie as well...? Or how about that delicious new specialty coffee at Tim Horton's? See a cheque from them later when you mentioned it on social media and five of your friends gave it a try...? How about that awesome pair of leggings at Lulu Lemon you couldn't help but rave about...? You get the picture.


The beauty of Network Marketing (also referred to as "Direct Sales") and Young Living in particular is how it blesses people for doing what they already naturally do: sharing with others about the things they personally use, love, & can wholeheartedly endorse. Not only that, but it directly helps others experience and be educated about the products on a level that simply isn't possible to a significant enough degree in the retail environment (I talk a bit more about Network Marketing & some common concerns on the topic in the FAQ section of this site; check that out HERE).

The Journey of Sharing... and Earning

And so began, one baby step at a time, this epic journey of sharing... and it has not only blessed the lives of others, it has also been blessing my family and I in new and unexpected ways.


Along the way, I have learned 2 KEY THINGS that have come as a very pleasant bonus:

Because Lord knows, being a big family in ministry on one very sporadic income, we sure could use all the help we can get!


As for my equestrian business? Still loving it—and I have discovered that the oils are actually a perfect compliment to it, since I regularly incorporate using them in my horse care anyway! :-)

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