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“Whether you think you can or you think you can't,

you're right.”

          ~ Henry Ford

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But really don't want do the business”?

Hey, I totally get it! I didn't either–in spades! (see my story HERE) But there's this really neat thing that happened the month I decided to stop holding out on telling others about how wonderful these oils are...


When I shared my love of Young Living's essential oils in the course of a casual conversation with a lady who came into my Equinnovations booth at an annual Trade Fair, I got a nice little cheque in the mail from Young Living the very next month. It was their Thank You to me for sharing the love and help getting this new member smoothly going on her oils journey with her Premium Starter Kit. 


And you know what? It wasn't hard... or scary... or even awkward. At ALL. Because I have personally benefitted, have my own unique story to share, & am so very confident in the value and efficacy of these oils, it is as natural as can be to share about them.


The cool part? I don't need to have an aromatherapy certification or any formal training to just share from the heart. And when I do need the back-up, I have a vast pool of resources to draw from with this great company who HAS done their homework that makes sure to cover all their bases for their members.

“Wholesale”... does that mean what I think it means?

Funny, I've encountered the odd person who vehemently objects to even remotely considering getting a "wholesale" account with Young Living... I suspect because that very term denotes an expectation to suddenly become some sort of wacky travelling salesperson with copious product spilling out of the back trunk of your car. Heavens, no! My friend, that's why it's actually more appropriate referred to as a "Preferred Membership"... because members get special deals and membership privileges in the form of a wholesale account. No hidden expectations other than to use & love the oils!

Did you know that the VAST MAJORITY of Young Living members don't even come close to "doing the business"...?


REASON: Because Young Living's top priority is to FOCUS ON THEIR LIFE-CHANGING PRODUCTS FIRST, before the business opportunity.

Gary Young's passion and mission was to get these oils into people's hands all around the world—because he knew, more than anyone alive, that the oils would help to strengthen and build up their bodies. That's literally what propelled him morning till night all those years.


But Gary also knew that he couldn't do it alone.


And simply getting his oils on retail shelves did not have the critical representation that they needed to make a difference in lives—and even worse, would only blend in with all the sterile floral and perfumed waters that were already there. With no one to educate people on the very critical differences between them. 


So... why not pour his "marketing" budget into PEOPLE, rather than pricey advertising agencies? Gary also knew that by getting the oils into people's hands, through one-on-one with others, this would allow them to experience the oils firsthand—making ALL the difference.

“We were

not started

to make money.

We exist

to heal people & impact 

the lives of

human beings.”

        ~ Jared Turner

       CEO Young Living



in the hands


of good people


can do


great things.”


       ~ Mary Young

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Now... should any of this resonate with you, you're going to need a

Help pay for your oils... and THEN some

The beauty of Network, or more accurately "Direct Sales" Marketing, is that one can make as little, or as much as you aspire to. Effort, sacrifice, and sheer grit is required, of course—no free rides here! (Hey, if an opportunity to earn is "too good to be true", then it really IS too good to be true, ya know) How does that saying go?  Ah, yes...

"Sometimes the best things in life are worth fighting for!"

AND FURTHERMORE, by acknowledging and blessing members financially for their part in sharing about the oils, he knew this would also greatly help people.

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