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Any kind of horse time

will feed your soul &

clear your mind

My Story

I’m a veteran graphic designer and mom of eight phenomenal kids (YES, indeed–I gave birth to each and every blessed one!) and growing brood of precious grandbabies. Also an avid lover of all things country & farm life (ohh yes, that most certainly includes horses), creativity, spontaneity, and am passionate about holistic health & wellness. 

I was very blessed to have had what I think was THE BEST childhood ever. I grew up on a mixed farm in northern Alberta, Canada that we (quite literally) built from the ground up as a prior long-abandoned property. By age 10, I had hammered more nails than many fellows do in a lifetime.


By their steadfast example, my amazing parents taught my four brothers and I the value of faith, perseverance & hard work, resourcefulness & ingenuity, good stewardship & generosity… and sheer grit in the face of extreme adversity. 

Wholesome living wasn’t an “ideal” we consciously strove for, it just… was

Much has changed in the world since those golden years of my childhood, and trying to “live clean" now takes real concerted effort. As an adult I’ve had my fair share of health crises (thanks to the over-prescription of antibiotics—but that’s a whole other story for another day!), so by sheer necessity have had to become an ambassador for my own health. The “elixir of life”; God’s amazing essential oils, are a huge reason in large part why I am thriving today.

I started the BLOOM CREW because of the pressing need I experienced of trying to find a trusted source for both top quality products and information, and decided after nearly 10 years of benefiting from the power of these particular essential oils, it was high time I no longer keep it to myself. 


And so it gives me great joy to share with you what I have gleaned on this journey to wellness that has been of immense blessing to my family and I, on countless levels. 


I invite you to join me on this epic adventure of striving for true vitality in body & mind. There are so many adventures and victories to be had ahead, my friend!

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