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Who you'll be ordering from...

To get your top quality essential oils, oil-infused supplements, toxin-free personal care products and cleaners, you will be ordering from Young Living Essential Oils, who have over 100 dedicated markets world-wide—your products will ship from the U.S. warehouse!


NOTEThis Bloom Crew website is a landing place to help you to learn about these powerful oils, and to help get you set up to make your first order. Once you're onboard with a Young Living account, you will then have the full support of the Team Member area on this site to learn more!

Make your custom order here!


This PRELIMINARY FORM has been created to allow you to communicate your specific needs & to order custom packages. Your first order will be personally & confidentially facilitated on your behalf by your Bloom Crew leader Lea Mallett.


Once you've clicked on SUBMIT at the bottom of the form, you will then receive several support emails to help you learn to navigate how to make future orders & use your oils.

Sound do-able? Okay, let's get started!

(If you can't see the form below, try refreshing your screen or pasting page's link in a different browser)

Prefer to take charge of your own first order over

on the Young Living website?

No worries!

Click on the button below, then follow the prompts that will lead you to the Young Living website to make your first order yourself.

(NOTE: You will not find the "Special Combo Packs" on the Young Living site, they are a Bloom Crew initiative)

Prefer to download an order form and fill it out by hand?


Would you like me to walk your through your order on the phone? 

Text me at 1-306-228-1630



Feel free to first preview

Young Living's entire


for Americans
(Printed copy also
available for $4)

Preview your Starter Bundle options:


these powerful

product groupings: 


Excited to 

journey with you!

(ATTENTION: If the button shudders after clicking on SUBMIT,
you have missed a mandatory field with an asterix (*), above!)

NOTE: This is not an "official" e-Commerce order—I will follow up
with an email later to personally connect with you.
Please put the email address ""
in your address book so you get it safely!

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