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First things first... EITHER ORDER THROUGH MYSELF (Léa Mallett), or YOUR FRIEND who sent you here!

I have a great team alongside me who also use the oils, love them, and can help you embark on this amazing journey! If you had a friend or family member on my BLOOM CREW Team who recommended that you check out this site, please get your oils & come onboard with your Preferred Member account THROUGH THEM (more details, below*).


I have made the process straightforward for you. You can either:

Pine Medley BNR.jpg

1. Click ORDER THRU LEA, & you will be taken to the Young Living website where you can proceed with enrolling by choosing your Starter Bundle and anything else you'd like to add to your order.

This page is for
those who choose to 

self-enroll on the

Young Living USA website.


Go HERE if you'd 

rather remain on this

site and fill out a
Preliminary Order Form

where we facilitate
 your first order
on your behalf.

Be sure to leave the member number 14678057 in the "Referral ID" field when you're creating your account at check out!

2. Click PICK MY FRIEND, and you will be then be directed to the BLOOM CREW Team Page where you can find your friend's name & click on it, then follow the prompts to make your first order over on the Young Living site.

*By choosing your friend who sent you here, you will be signing up with your Preferred Member account under them as your Young Living enroller. This puts people who know (and assuming LIKE one another :-) on my team together, supporting eachother!


Feel free to first
take a look through

Young Living's US



Or, you can order through your friend who sent you here...

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