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Special Offers: GROUPINGS

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Super-charge your wellness with targeted product packages!

You all have spoken, and I have been listening!

As the many inquiries & requests come in, I have put together SIX very special groupings of Young Living oils and oil-infused products/supplements to help best serve the needs of YOU, my dear subscribers & CREW members. May you be richly blessed by these!


1. Thieves Powerhouse Packs

While Thieves oil (aka The Oil of the Good Samaritan) is most certainly not a magic bullet cure-all, it IS a very powerful complement to your body's God-given immune-system response—especially if you have worked hard towards swapping out to non-toxic personal care products, cleaning products, and of course healthy food choices.

These hand-picked Thieves products are a must-add to your wellness toolkit...


2. Thieves Topical/Aromatic Packs

While getting a Premium Starter Kit with a great array of essential oils and a diffuser is an excellent start to your essential oil journey, I understand that many folks just want to focus on starting with their Thieves oil (even though there is a 5 mL Thieves in it).

That said, the deep power of using Thieves not only Topically but Aromatically as well should not be under-estimated! This super-pack grouping gets you benefitting from your Thieves BOTH ways... and best of all, once your roll-on runs out, you simply top it right up again: 1 part Thieves to 5 parts V-6 Carrier oil ratio, and you're good to go!


3. Medicinal Plants Equivalents Packs

Due to many requests for a comprehensive list of equivalent Young Living essential oils & products in accordance with the plants identified by Our Lady to Luz de Maria, I have taken the time to reference & cross-reference what items would be most suitable as a starting point...


4. Medicinal Plants ADDENDUM Packs

It's one thing to have the above equivalent products in accordance with the plants identified by Our Lady to Luz de Maria, it's yet another to have ALL the tools to use them all in the most effective ways possible, as well as complete your wellness arsenal...


5. Core Supplement Packs

Young Living's oil-infused supplements are unparalleled, BAR NONE; ensuring that your immune system is firing optimally on all cylinders.

I have personally put together several custom supplement bundles for you to choose from—one for Foundational Support, and one for Immune Support...


6. Oils Premium Starter Kit ADDENDUM

By member enquiry, here is an addendum grouping of key products to add to your wellness arsenal that serves to nicely complement your Oils Premium Starter Kit.

These are items that I carefully hand-picked, keeping in mind the most useful ones...



While Young Living's Premium Starter Kits are the absolute BEST VALUE for someone just starting out on their wellness journey with these top quality essential oils & products, the above groupings can either be chosen in addition to (or in place of) your Premium Starter Kit.


Anything that you see as a grouping can be simply purchased individually when you are logged into your Virtual Office on the Young Living site. Consider these groupings, then, merely as guidelines to assist you in taking charge of building your wellness toolkit!


Okay, that's a wrap! Thanks so much for joining me today! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I'm always happy to help.

NOTE: I do have a "Chat" app on my website where you can fire me a quick note on if you like. Be sure to leave your contact info when prompted, as I am NOT able to reach you after you leave my site otherwise! (Sometimes people opt to skip that part and then wonder why I've ignored them! I may not always be available the moment you write, but I DO always get back to everyone who leaves their contact info!)


~Lea Mallett

(YL Member: 14678057)

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