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Extra Special Offer: FREEBIES

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Okay! It's time to take things right back to the basics—and also, to give each of you equal opportunity to be blessed by something VERY SPECIAL that I've created JUST FOR YOU...

If you've been with me for a while, you know that I have put a tonne of planning and energy in to creating some very unique groupings of Young Living products for new members according to the demand of my very unique audience. It's really important to me to help make available to you all the things you have been asking for.

Interestingly, I've taken note of two VERY different dynamics:

  1. The large majority of you who have started your Young Living essential oils journey with an Oils Premium Starter Kit are consistently MORE EQUIPPED & INCLINED to actually experience the deep & lasting therapeutic benefits of these powerful oils & oil-infused products. This brings so much joy to my heart for you! HOWEVER...

  2. The large majority of those of you who have begun your journey with only some Thieves or with just the special grouping(s) such as the Medicinal Plants Equivalents, have yet to actually tap into the DEEPLY IMPACTING health benefits of the many other powerfully immune-supportive oils & oil-infused products that you now have full access to as a Young Living member. This hurts my heart for you!


SO WITH ALL THAT IN MIND, I'd like to make this personal invitation to each & every one of you (read on for the Freebies part!):

For those of you on my subscriber list WHO HAVE YET TO TAKE THE DIVE INTO ORDERING YOUR OILS...

Get off to a really solid start (the very best savings, bar none!) with getting your


(Select oils & samples vary somewhat according to country; several diffuser choices available)


For those of you already on my BLOOM CREW team WHO HAVE ALREADY MADE YOUR FIRST PURCHASE, but have yet to invest in a Premium Starter Kit (or may want to top up on some of your PSK oils)...

Fast-track your wellness goals with either ordering a OILS PREMIUM STARTER KIT WITH DIFFUSER, (—Yes, even current members can order these Premium Kits, hallelujah!—)


ordering your select choice of some of the


(Choose which ones you're missing, totalling at least 100 PV all together to qualify yourself for the FREEBIE offering below)




At last—here's the exciting EXTRA FREEBIES part!

For ANY OF YOU who have fulfilled either of the two unique options above...

I would love to send you these super swanky peel & stick ROLLER BOTTLE LABELS in the mail in addition to all the other SUPER USEFUL FREEBIES (and I have EVEN MORE GOODIES TO SEND YOU if you choose to give Loyalty Rewards a try for a few months!).

(NOTE: As many of you know, it's been a non-stop year of 18 hour days for me here—but I am finally gearing up to continue mailing out to all those qualified the last few months! Sincere apologies for the delay—I have yet to figure out quite how to duplicate myself :-)

And here's where it all fits nicely together...

Once you have your new order in your hands, here are some POWERFUL (and super easy!) ROLLERBALLS you can make!

And the good news is, these are ALL made with your PREMIUM STARTER KIT oils :-)

HELPFUL INFO: Excellent roller or dropper glass bottles are available from the Young Living-affiliated company Life Science Publishing (US & Overseas) HERE or (Canada) HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're already a BLOOM CREW member and will make your qualifying order over on the Young Living site, be sure to send a chat message (below, right) to let me know you want to be sent your FREE labels, as I can't see the specifics of your order!


Love the recipes I've shared above?

Want to obtain them in PRINTABLE FORM to be able to go back and refer to later?

Great news for you! Once you've made your first Young Living essential oils purchase through me (or via someone on my BLOOM CREW team), you are then considered an official BLOOM CREW team member.

What does this MEAN for you, exactly?

Once you're onboard and you've requested access, you will get personally approved by me for exclusive & full access to the Team Members' area behind the scenes on this site.

This is where you will find not only a whole other level of education and support to help empower you to make the best of your oil investment, but also FREE printable resources inside my RESOURCES VAULT available as "DIY RECIPE HACKS" like this one (FOUND HERE), for all my current and future BLOOM CREW members that you can hand-pick to build your very own custom HACK BINDER!

NOTE: Pull down the "RESOURCES" tab above and click on "RESOURCES OVERVIEW" for a sneak peak of samples of other printable documents just like this.


Thank you for joining me on this journey towards more robust health and immunity! Please be sure to reach out if you have any questions or need clarity on anything! Happy to help.


~Lea Mallett

YL Member #14678057

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