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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Want the Medicinal Plants Equivalents as per Luz de Maria recommendations... but can't afford it all at once?



Steady she goes, in bite-sized pieces...


Follow my systematic plan to pace out your purchase over either 6 or 4 months, depending on your particular goals and budget. So... customize as best suits you!

Here is a snapshot preview of the first two months of a 6 or 4 month strategic plan that I have developed to help you get ALL the Medicinal Plants Young Living equivalent products, including both THIEVES, and the accompanying ADDENDUM PACK so you've got all your bases covered...

(US & Canada are featured separately as they have slightly different product availability)

—Click on the images to enlarge—


NOTE: This particular plan incorporates the advantage of utilizing the optional ESSENTIAL REWARDS loyalty program. While not required for a Young Living wholesale membership (24% off of the retail prices), Essential Rewards will be HUGELY beneficial by earning you points towards FREE products that will REALLY stretch your $'s as you pace out your complete order over 4-6 months! You're free opt-out at any time should you ever need to, no worries :-)


New to oils & ready to order? Click HERE to choose your country, then go on to fill in the Preliminary Order form to get yourself started.

To order your FIRST month's products of the Medicinal Plants Equivalent series, simply choose the SPECIAL GROUPING: "Pace-Your-Purchase: Month 1 Medicinal Plants". I will then be in touch with you to plan whether you want to pace it out in 4 or 6 months.


Already a YOUNG LIVING member with the BLOOM CREW? You can systematically Plan-Your-Puchase too! Simply click HERE & log in to the Team Member area to access the printable Hack (shown below) in the Product Hacks section, then use it as a guideline to plan your orders over on the Young Living site in the coming months!


Where becoming a member has even more value...

Once you've made your first Young Living essential oils purchase through me (or through someone on my BLOOM CREW team), you will get personally approved by me for exclusive & full access to the back Team Members' area on this site. This is where you will find super helpful & practical printable resources from my RESOURCES VAULT (pull down the "Resources" tab above for a sneak peak Overview).

Get the FULL 6 or 4 Month Plan in a printable "Product Hack":

These complete Hacks are designed to help you to plan forward to get all the items you need with either the 50 PV ("Product Value"), or the 100 PV minimal goals on Essential Rewards, the smartest way to stretch your hard-earned dollars.

More about Essential Rewards and all the freebies HERE.


Looking forward to teaching you how to take charge of your wellness goals! Be sure to reach out if you have any questions or need clarity on anything! Happy to help.


~Lea Mallett

YL Member #14678057

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