Due to many requests for a comprehensive list of equivalent Young Living essential oils & products in accordance with the plants identified by Our Lady to Luz de Maria, I have referenced and cross-referenced what would be most suitable as a starting point.

Blackberries have also been mentioned, but if the goal is detoxing and fortifying, Young Living's super-nutrient-dense drink Ningxia Red gets my unanimous vote. It is an absolute powerhouse of value in both superior anti-oxidant value as well as fibre, minerals, and whole-food nutrition.


NOTE: While I feel there are certainly more oils and oil-infused products that would definitely be powerful and immune-fortifying that I could highly recommend, these are the ones that align with Our Lady's messages, which I'm sure many people will appreciate as a starting point to know at least where to begin to build all-natural Wellness Emergency Kit.

It is important to always remember the Our Lady has been essentially POINTING US BACK TO GOD'S CREATION for the building up/restoration of our bodies. So consider the list given via Luz de Maria to be a starting-point guideline, and not to exclude the countless other God-given solutions at our disposal, once we have access to them!



  • Angelica Oil — Broad spectrum Digestive Support, an Expectorant, Calming, and excellent for Skin Issues

  • Davana Oil (aka Artemisa) — for Skin Disease, Parasites, and Fever

  • Rosemary Oil — Stimulates healthy digestive activity, Antibiotic, Insects 

  • Ginger Oil — Digestive & expectorant

  • Oregano Oil — Antibiotic

  • Deep Relief — Similar to Nettle, which helps to support Arthritis & Nerves

  • Super C Tablets — Potent oil-infused supplement — for hefty Immune Support, Hemoglobin Production  & Tissue Repair

  • Cardiogize — Oil-infused supplement (hawthorn + cinnamon, rosemary, angelica) — for Respiratory and Heart/Circulatory support  

  • Thieves Hand Soap — Contains Gingko Biloba for protection, + of course Thieves/Oil of the Good Samaritan!

  • Seedlings Baby Wash or Wipes (contains Euphrasia & Calendula, or Marigold) — Eye & Skin conditions    

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