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Think it's no big deal to be burning scented candles in our homes?

THINK AGAIN. Behind all those intoxicating scents are some very toxic truths!


This past week I had a long-time member ask me if it was okay to diffuse essential oils and burn candles at the same time...

This was a sharp reminder me that, truly, we just don't know what we don't know—and that takes access to good information and education. This is where I hope to fast track you, dear reader, to continue to get your learn-on in this big wide world of essential oils and toxin-free living! And then... once you KNOW BETTER, you can in turn DO BETTER.



Years ago, before "essential oils" was even a term in my vocabulary, I was admittedly an avid scented candle and melted wax user (they WERE all the rage, were they not?).

I liked the flickering, warm ambiance that candles, especially, created in my home... and even though I often admittedly found the scents (and the smoke) a little (cough) much, I thought it was at least better than nasty 'ole air fresheners. Right?

Oh-so-wrong! They're BOTH nasty!

I had NO clue that every time I lit one (or several... or more) of my pretty scented candles, I was literally assaulting my body & the bodies of my loved ones with toxic chemicals & pollutants (which, come to think of it, explains the odd headaches... stuffy sinuses... inexplicable fatigue and grogginess at times). UGH.

Fast-forward me a decade or more to discovering my blessed Young Living essential oils, and how they unlocked a WHOLE NEW PARADIGM OF THINKING for not only me, but my whole family. As I started to learn how to best support my body in my personal health struggles, I started to see a huge connection between our overall sense of well-being and the things we expose ourselves to on a daily basis; not only in the food choices we make, but in the products we use on our bodies and in our homes. Off to the trash bin went all the scented candles (only replaced with beeswax candles for special occasions :-) & nasty wax pods among many other things I had purchased in ignorance.

Full steam ahead to diffusion! In addition to using the essential oils I needed on my body topically, I began to experiment with different oils that also resonated with my senses aromatically (oh, how I still LOVE the combo of anything citrus with anything spruce or fir together with Laurus Nobilis!), investing gradually in good ultra-sonic diffusers for each of our main living spaces, offices, and bedrooms. Let's face it--who wants to be unplugging & carting around diffusers whenever the inspiration or health necessity hits? :-)

To my great delight, I soon realized that not only is diffusing extremely pleasant and satisfying to the immediate senses (FAR beyond any temporal satisfaction that the candles ever offered!), but our bodies & brains thrive in immeasurable ways!

Want to learn more about diffusing? Read all about that HERE in the Learning Centre over on the Young Living US site!


Read this infographic carefully and let that sink in just a little... even when it comes down to simple economics! IT.JUST.MAKES.SENSE.


Hey, love the infographic above..?!

Want to have access to it uniquely in PRINTABLE FORMAT to be able to download then print out to add to your growing HACK BINDER?

And how about some intoxicating (the good kind ;-) DIFFUSER RECIPES to embrace the upcoming season of Spring in all its glory? Now's the time to gear up for that!!

Great news for you, then!

I have these available as printable digital downloads in the TEAM MEMBER AREA of my Bloom Crew site! Once you've made your first Young Living essential oils purchase through me (or via someone on my BLOOM CREW team), you are then considered an official BLOOM CREW team member.

What does this MEAN for you, exactly?

Once you're onboard with your first oils order (and you've officially requested access via the link on the top left of my homepage), you get personally approved by me for exclusive & full access to the Team Member Area behind the scenes on this site.

This is where you will find not only a whole other level of education and support to help empower you to make the best of your oil investment, but also FREE printable resources inside my RESOURCES VAULT available as downloadable "HACKS" like this one, as well as one specifically on ultra-sonic diffusers (FOUND HERE), for all my current and future BLOOM CREW members that you can hand-pick to build your very own custom 'HACK BINDER'!

NOTE: Pull down the "RESOURCES" tab above and click on "RESOURCES OVERVIEW" for a sneak peak of samples of other printable documents just like this.



For more comprehensive Young Living essential oils-related solutions for extensive whole-body support, download the “RefGuide” app from the App Store, and/or order the printed reference book(s) from:


Thanks for taking a plant-based whole-body healing stroll with me today!

Be sure to click on this link to get going if you have yet to make your first order and want to get started with THE very best oils on the planet.

Looking forward to teaching you how to take charge of your wellness goals! I welcome you to reach out if you have any questions or need clarity on anything, always happy to help.


Meet sweet Siva! This little lady from our lovely mamma cat Keiri's litter of six precious kitties this last fall stole our hearts, and doggone it if I just couldn't bring myself to re-home her to anyone else! She's a deliciously oh-so-soft & fluffy light grey, and is quiet & unassuming, yet with just the right amount of friendly & personable for this animal-crazy heart.❤️

Blessings, your BLOOM CREW YL Leader

~Lea Mallett

YL Member #14678057

Have questions? Text me 306-228-1630!

ps) >>>If you're already a member of my Bloom Crew with a Young Living account & feel inspired to start being even more pro-active with your health, head over to Young Living to log in HERE—and be sure to add your products of choice via the Loyalty Rewards program! (THE best bang for your buck, bar none!)


(**IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot endorse the use of any other essential oil brand other than Young Living essential oils, as there is NO guarantee of the same extremely high degree of purity, potency, and efficacy. This is an absolutely critical element in your oils doing what they are needed to do to both repair & regenerate on the cellular level without interference from adjuvants, fillers, herbicides/pesticides, or even just sub-par farming &/or distillation practices; common in the industry with all other farms who do not adhere to the same unparalleled Seed to Seal standards.)

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