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SAVE $$$: YL Health Plans

Updated: Feb 23

HOT OFF THE PRESS for my US-based friends!

Did you know that you can now get coverage with a NEW Health Care plan that you could only dream of before???

How many dozens upon dozens of conversations have I had over the last few years where so many of you have agonized over the fact that your health care plans would readily cover your prescribed pharmaceuticals, but not even a stitch of your God-given (LIFE-giving!) Young Living products or holistic care modalities?

You so badly want OFF THE TREADMILL*, but the current system, tragically, is only designed to keep you enslaved.

How difficult it has been for me to hear the frustration in your voices with no way to solve that for you!

Well, Young Living, always on the leading edge of breaking new ground as a true advocate for everyone, has just recently cracked the code on all that for you!

Discover a holistic approach to well-being with affordable Young Living health plans in partnership with Clearwater Health! Young Living members (both Customers and Brand Partners) can now get the best of both worlds with tailored health plans that seamlessly blend holistic and conventional care. Eureka!

>> Young Living supplements & essential oils? Check! 

>> Major & minor coverage? Check! >> Preventative measures such as acupuncture & chiropractic care? Check! >> IV drips? Check!

>> Virtual mental health support? Check!


Here are the advantages to this plan, in a nutshell:



Click HERE or on the infographic below to secure your spot in any of the upcoming Zoom call webinars over the next couple weeks to learn more!

You're going to want to be on one of these calls as they help to explain these amazing plans that cover holistic products, services and doctors... and will ultimately save you a significant amount of $$$ each year!

Can't get onto Zoom, or make any of the webinars work for your schedule?

Take a watch of this pre-recording of the Kick-off!)


(HINT: when there, click on "Get a Quote" to see what plan best suits you!)


*As I shared in a recent blog posting "Are You Nutrient Deficient?", the slippery slope of not being able to get off the treadmill of taking synthetic drugs for problematic health issues really only serves to lessen your quality of life and leave you more & more depleted.

Pharma drugs may succeed somewhat in masking a few unwanted symptoms for a while, but the root problem (why your body started betraying you in the first place) continues unaddressed... and unchecked.

There IS a better way, & Young Living is right here to help you navigate it!


So if you're wanting to shift in the right direction with switching to a much smarter Health Plan for you and your family, also consider hitting the EASY BUTTON and get more serious about building your Young Living wellness arsenal while you're at it!

Whether you already have a Young Living account or are needing to get started, this is the time to get mobilized! Check out the fabulous new Make a Shift kits, and take a read of my in-depth postings on Ningxia Red and building your immunity with Young Living's unparalleled oil-infused supplements!



Would you believe this picture was taken at Christmas here in the Great White North (Alberta, Canada)? No snow to speak of!! Our crew went for a good trek down into the magical ravine on our land... and of course, the fun is always SO much more complete with HAPPINESS ON A LEAD ROPE.

Blessings, your YL leader :-)

~Lea Mallett

(Member #14678057)

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