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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

You might be surprised at the reason why... and what you can do about it.

Do you feel like you're just not firing on all cylinders energy or health-wise and can't seem to ever quite get on top of it?

You're definitely not alone.

It would seem that many of us struggle with some form of depletion or bothersome health issue more than we'd care to admit.

And it can be super frustrating, especially if you feel you're "doing all the right things"... Eating decently healthy. Getting to bed before midnite. Ditching the toxins. Taking your supplements.

So... what's a possible missing piece of the puzzle then...?!

I've been wanting to expound on this topic for a while, because whoo-boy, it's a BIGGIE!

Now, I've already covered the immense game-changing value of upgrading to Young Living's incredible oil-fused supplements in a previous blog I wrote HERE back in 2020, but it's just as important to also address what else might be robbing a lot of us of our good health — & more than we may realize.

Well, this week was my catalyst! I got an email in my inbox from one of my favourite essential oil educators, Jen O'Sullivan. She's a powerhouse of practical, attainable information that is super helpful if you're wanting to move forward by leaps & bounds into much better health and vitality.

Her email announced a huge resources sale she's having on her site, so naturally I wanted to check it out (highly recommend exploring her amazing resources—the new "Supplements Desk Reference" being a must-purchase, for one!)

But then when I clicked on her newly-created Education section, I was very excited to see that she has delved into the very topic I've also been wanting to write about:

>>>>> How synthetically-derived chemical medications are silently robbing us of our vital nutrients and minerals!

Just a few common (and sobering) examples for you...

Do you know of someone in your life with an under-active Thyroid (otherwise known as Hypo-Thyroid)? You can pretty well be guaranteed that they have been prescribed the pharma drug Synthroid. But did you also know that Synthroid actively depletes the body of calcium through the urine every time it is taken? As in, EVERY DAY. Can you imagine what that does to one's bones after years of taking it...? OY.


How about Diabetes? There's another common one. Doctor-prescribed Insulin of course is the solution for keeping that all on track.

But did you know that prescribed Insulin depletes the body of DHEA? (DHEA stands for Dehydroepiandrosterone... so let’s just call it DHEA for short ;-). It is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex in response to managing stress. Low DHEA levels have been postulated to be a marker for age-related chronic conditions such as cognitive issues, muscle strength and bone density, menopause symptoms, coronary blockages and depression. DHEA also plays an important role in the functioning of the immune systemmodulating immune markers like T cells and natural killer cells, as well as maintaining healthy bowel function. So we kinda really need DHEA... our adrenals, for one, are pretty thankful when we have it.


And then there are Anti-Depressants... probably one of the most commonly-prescribed drugs in this century—right next to Antibiotics! (oh, we'll talk about that in a minute).

But did you know that Anti-Depressants also deplete Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B2, B6, and Melatonin? Health conditions like heart disease, brain disorders, diabetes, and cancer have been linked to low levels of CoQ10. Vitamin B2 helps convert food into energy and maintains proper eyesight. Insufficient amounts of B6 can result in anemia as well as skin disorders such as an itchy rash or cracks around the mouth, as well as (more!) depression, confusion, nausea, and susceptibility to infections. Melatonin deficiency leads to insomnia, concentration issues/brain fog, and chronic exhaustion.


Last of the nutrient-sucking meds examples (oh, and there are SO many more! See Jen's more thorough exposé on that HERE) is my personal nemesis: Antibiotics. The beginning of my own spiralling health crisis over 18 years ago began with the tragic over-prescription of them as a young mother, so I'm no stranger to their catastrophic effects when not countered properly. Antibiotics do have their place, of course, (I actually cannot take them any longer, as I am now practically completely resistant—I only reach for Young Living's potent Oregano oil and their oil-infused supplement "Inner Defence" when I have an infection now), but taking too much of them can come at another high cost...

Did you know that Antibiotics not only decimate your good gut bacteria along with the bad, but deplete you of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folate, biotin, and vitamin K? This is massive!

B vitamins of course are critical for many things (see above for B2 & B6), but also for necessary energy levels to keep pace with our demanding lives.

Folate deficiency leads to anemia (and is critical in developing fetus' brains & healthy placentas). Biotin deficiency symptoms include hair loss, fatigue, mood changes including depression, and in severe cases neurological impairment. Vitamin K deficiency leads to increased bruising and bleeding, chest pain & palpitations, weak bones, joint pain & inflammation, and diabetic symptoms to name a few.



Had just about enough ugly facts for one day?

No need to be discouraged, though! You just need to be EMPOWERED.

Truly, you don't have to be a victim! There's SO much hope. I'm so excited to be able to introduce you to the concept of WELLNESS MAPPING via Jen O'Sullivan's excellent teaching & resources.

(Click on the image above to get started with either a brief trial assessment,
or a full assessment for a nominal fee—BEST VIEWED ON A DESKTOP COMPUTER!)

This is where you get to hone in on what high quality Young Living oil-infused supplements and nutritionals you personally need to bridge the gap between both managing troublesome symptoms (while specific meds may still be necessary for your particular situation), and supporting your body's nutrient & mineral needs to get you on the road to vastly improved wellness.

And... even if you're not on any pharma meds, WELLNESS MAPPING is still for you, trust me! As much as we'd like it to, our food is just not capable of delivering all that our bodies need on a daily basis, especially as we age and become more & more depleted in time.


This informative video by Jen O'Sullivan will also give you some really excellent thought-provoking info & direction...

Enjoy the learning journey-& building your wellness toolkit!

In closing... for those of you who haven't seen my previous support email on the top reference books I recommend to help you dig in to the What/Why/How of oils for supporting specific health concerns, click HERE.


from your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett

(Member #14678057)

ps) Just in case you were wondering—yep, this pasture pic is on our new farm in Alberta, Canada! Taken on the last day of filling in over a thousand gopher and badger holes over the course of the summer (and just minutes after cutting my oh-so-grateful horses loose on new grass :-)! God is so very good... please pray for much-needed rain, though! It's been a terrible drought here the last 3+ months.

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