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Product Focus: NINGXIA RED

Updated: Jan 18

It's been a non-negotiable staple in our daily wellness regimen for years now, and I'm delighted to finally be able to share with you just a few of the reasons why...

Let me begin by saying this:

There is SO much more to building and supporting a robust immune system than simply rolling one specific essential oil on and calling it a day. Friends, if we have this mindset, we're putting far too much stock in one product... and run the risk of dangerously treating it as one-size-fits-all health talisman of sorts. This is neither physically possible or even realistic, nor spiritually prudent (for those who follow the prophetic messages of Luz de Maria in particular). There are many beautiful and powerful solutions in God's expansive garden!

So what does it look like, practically, like to build stronger and more effective immunity?

In brief... in addition to employing God's healing creation in the form of many varied essential oils to support our various body systems, it's also just as much about choosing personal care products & household cleaners that are plant-based & chemical/toxin-free (drastically reducing our toxic burden)... it's about reaching for powerful oil-infused supplements that are more bio-available to our bodies... and, just as importantly, making food choices that are nutritionally rich & deeply fortifying.

Enter: the nutrient-dense superfood drink Ningxia Red, for one.

First things first, I invite you to watch this brief and fascinating Seed to Seal story of how Young Living's unique Ningxia Red (pr: "Ning-zhuh") drink came to be, and what makes it so special!

And of course, the SCIENCE is truly what makes not only Ningxia Red, but all Young Living products as powerful and effective as they are (this is a must-watch!)...

Without a shadow of a doubt, Ningxia Red is one of those simple nutritional food choices that has significantly raised our wellness bar as a family, and in particular for myself and my husband Mark Mallett. With the many demands of a large family, homeschooling, running our little farm, and the pressing missions God has entrusted us with, we push ourselves physically and mentally very hard every day (sometimes—no, quite often—too much!). We find that Ningxia Red, for us, is not only deliciously satisfying and deeply fortifying nutritionally, but oh-so-easy to take. Kind of a no-brainer, really!

I have long aspired to create a dedicated eBook articulating in more detail the many, many health-supportive qualities of Young Living's Ningxia Red drink. But alas, time has not been at my disposal for such a grand endeavour. So for now, here is a sneak peak of a few infographics I've created of some of the primary reasons it should be part of everyone's daily wellness toolkit...


Referred to as the "Ultimate Superfood", the Ningxia Wolfberry packs a powerful punch. In a nutshell...





Among numerous excellent groupings and special offerings with Ningxia Red, Young Living also offers a deeply discounted grouping referred to as the "Ningxia Red Bundle", which is the best price over-all (bundle contents will vary slightly from country to country).

Just a few examples...

US Ningxia Bundle

>>>Included in the US bundle are 2 - 750 ml Ningxia Red bottles, 30 - 2 oz Ningia Red portable sachets, and a box of 14 - 20 ml Ningxia Nitro tubes (see below for more details on Ningxia Nitro). This bundle is priced at $135 USD (to buy the individual items would amount to over $207 USD).

Canadian Ningxia Starter Bundle

>>>Included in the Canadian bundle are 2 - 750 ml Ningxia Red bottles, 32 - 2 oz Ningia Red portable sachets, a 5 ml bottle of Northern Lights Black Spruce, and a purse-sized bottle of Thieves hand sanitizer. This bundle is priced at $199.75 CDN (to buy the individual items would amount to over $235 CDN).


Ningxia is also available in bottle form (2, 4, 6, or 8 packs), in portable single serving packs (box of 30, 60 or 90), or combo packs. Choose what's best suited to your needs!


Also, Young Living offers a delicious Wolfberry & oil-infused soft drink alternative (with a low glycemic index, just like Ningxia Red!), called "Ningxia Zyng". I absolutely LOVE this refreshing drink, and will often treat myself to it if I'm driving long distances, needing a hydrating pick-me-up during a busy work day, or on family movie nights as a treat for everyone too...


Ningxia Nitro was formulated specifically for boosting mental clarity, and together iwi Ningxia Red is also an excellent alternative to caffeine (and PSSST! An excellent source of Thyroid-supportive Iodine!).

I regularly reach for these throughout my week as well, especially on days when I really have to dig in and think hard...


Dried Wolfberries are yet another brilliant way to get your healthy dose of nutrient-dense fibre and anti-oxidants! Eat as a snack, or sprinkle onto salads or mix into yogurt dishes or fruit salads... be creative! (and yes, I have my own personal stash in my office—sure beats reaching for belly-expanding carby snacks!)




  1. If you're already a Young Living member, simply log in to your account by going to the Young Living website for your country then add what you want to your cart (either via your Subscription cart, or One-time order). Be sure to click on the "SALE" category in the online catalogue to see if there are any special sales you can benefit from!

  2. If you're all new to Young Living essential oils and would like to place an order to get yourself started, go ahead and CLICK HERE to fill out the Preliminary Order Form on this site to get off to a proper start as a BLOOM CREW member with access to all the FREE resources and oily education available to my Team. If a member of my BLOOM CREW team sent you here, be sure to put their name in the field asking who referred you! >>>DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL 1ST ORDERS OVER 100 PV (Product Value) UNLOCK THE WHOLESALE PRICES FROM THAT POINT ON? That's a pretty sweet deal!!<<< NOTE: you also have the option to self-order over on the Young Living site if you prefer, but starting with this link will get you going in the right direction so you're not accidentally "orphaned" to the wrong enroller and end up not part of my team! (Trust me, it happens more often that anyone likes and is very complicated to fix afterwards!)


In closing, contemplate this...

Okay, that's it for juicy oily tidbits for today! Be sure to reach out via the Chat link (below, right) if you have any questions!

Blessings, your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett

(Member #14678057)

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