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Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Stretching your dollars couldn't be any easier... or any smarter. Let me show you how!

Being a family in full-time ministry, I'm always keen to find ways to stretch our hard-earned dollars. And just when I thought Young Living couldn't 'sweeten the pot' for their loyal customers any more, they've now taken it to a whole other level of value!

Several months ago, I was so delighted to learn that, in addition to all the excellent POINTS & FREE PRODUCTS available via the completely optional Loyalty Rewards program, Young Living has decided to also send a FREE "DESERT MIST" ULTRA-SONIC DIFFUSER in month 2 of trying out the program! This is an over $30 value, my friend!

First, allow me to lay out a bit of an overview "in person" of what that looks like practically-speaking: my first official screen-sharing support video for you (with more to follow!)...

You already have a diffuser, you say?

Well, that's awesome! We literally have a diffuser in almost every room of our home—so let me be the first to say that YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH DIFFUSERS AT YOUR DISPOSAL!

If you read my last Blog posting, you'll remember how I spoke about making the important "Ditch & Switch" away from toxic scented candles and diffusing essential oils instead... an excellent way you can still have both cozy ambiance AND your home smelling fantastic (WAAAY more fantastic, I might add!), while legit helping to deeply support your family's wellbeing at the same time.


Okay, ready to explore what this might mean for you?

This is the first place to start:





Again, this about covers it! >>>>

Now... whether you're already a Bloom Crew member

(meaning, you have an active

Young Living account already under myself as your enroller, or under someone on my team)

but have only made

occasional one-time orders...

or you haven't quite made

your first order yet,

you can give the

Loyalty program a go and start reaping the many benefits!

(If you've actually de-activated after not placing an order in over a year, simply log back in to your YL account & place another min.100 PV Loyalty order to unlock the discounted prices again :-)


Alrighty—calling all newbies!

If you're completely all new to this and haven't made that first order yet, would you like me to help fast-track you? Here's the "Golden Touch 1 Collection" that I spoke about in the video above. Get this together with a beautiful bottle of Young Living's most excellent V-6 carrier oil, & you'll be ready to hit the ground running using these oils both TOPICALLY & AROMATICALLY (when your lovely FREE ultra-sonic diffuser arrives, that is :-).


In order to qualify yourself for the FREE diffuser in month 2 along with all the other wonderful benefits and Loyalty points coming your way, be sure to click on the "CREATE LOYALTY ORDER" button, not the "Add to Cart" button!


For those of you who prefer to custom-choose what you want to get your first Loyalty order going...


Okay that's a wrap!

Thanks for spending your valuable time exploring the possibilities with me today! Be sure to reach out if you need any assistance or clarification on anything.

>>> I'm reachable via text at 306-228-1630, I'd love to hear from you <<<


I couldn't resist sharing this pic today!

We had somewhat of a surprise batch of 8 puppies this spring. Well... let's be honest... it was inevitable—we DO own the parents!

Meet the oh-so-sweet little girl we've

affectionately called "Tiff"... one of 8 pups who have irreversibly stolen our hearts. Honestly, if we could keep'em all, we would! But alas...

DOG FOOD! (& a myriad of shredded objects ;-).

Thankfully, Tiff gets to stay "in the family" and is reserved for our daughter Nicole, who is so excited to take her little angel home soon.

'Tis a good, good life when you own a pooch...or 2!


from your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett (Member #14678057)


ps) If you haven't seen it yet, check out my recent post on my Bloom Crew YouTube Channel titled "Stretch your $'s" to find out how we've done it as a family all these years (plus a reveal of my two latest completely FREE orders of over $400 USD in product)!


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