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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Want to finally get serious about DITCHING the chemicals that lurk in your home? Young Living makes the SWITCH seamless.

Chemicals and toxins can pop up in the most unlikely of places, and, often unbeknownst to us, can seriously compromise our health.

With each swap you make, you’re one step closer to a clean, chemical-free home—and with that, more robust health & vitality. Yes, young & old alike--it's never too late to make a shift!


Did you know that Young Living

has worked very hard for 30 years to provide a CLEAN alternative for nearly EVERY aspect of home life?

This means that...



This is a very pivotal conversation I try to intentionally have with as many of my new Young Living members as possible.


Because if we don't make the switch over (away from chemically-laden cleaners, personal care products, and even synthetically-derived supplements), we will find ourselves perpetually swimming upstream in trying to get on top of troubling health challenges. We can slather Thieves (aka Oil of the Good Samaritan) on, for instance, till the cows come home... and we just won't have the bullet-proof immunity we may have been mistakenly led to believe should be at our disposal with the swipe of a roll-on.

I really wish it was that easy, my friend! But it's not. Let me explain why.

Rather than type it all out here, I'd like to launch this little "Ditch 'n Switch" blog series by inviting you to watch two very important new videos I (finally) just put together last week over on my Bloom Crew YouTube Channel!

Pour yourself a cup of tea (or nutrient-rich shot of Ningxia Red :-) and enjoy!

I'll leave you with this sobering thought today. This alone should be a catalyst for the desire to start making some much-needed changes...


Stay tuned for Part 2 soon where I talk about the practical (and easier than you think!) steps you can begin to take to start making the switch over!

SIDENOTE: I use wool dryer balls in my dryer now, with 8-10 drops of either the blends Purification, Citrus Fresh, Christmas Spirit, or simply Lemon essential oil on them.

Oh--and the rubber gloves? You won't be needing or even wanting them ;-)


>>>If this is all new to you but you're feeling that inner "nudge" to start making a shift in the right direction, click HERE to make your 1st Young Living order with me.

>>>If you're already a member of my Bloom Crew with a YL account & feel inspired to start making MORE of a switch, head over to Young Living to log in HERE.


from your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett (Member #14678057)

ps) Big day on our little farm a couple weeks ago! Our little farm-raised Jersey heifer "Sophie" surprised us with a beautiful heifer calf! This is my first jug of glorious raw milk from her! Praise God, no more store-bought "dead white stuff"!! Get a little window into my account of that challenging ordeal—and hear what oily support I employed to help Sophie fight & recover from an aggressive bout of mastitis on my Bloom Crew YouTube Channel! (Oh--and see a little impromptu clip I did of making my first batch of raw butter with three of my precious Grandbabies... & oily support for my trusty new gelding "Simon"! :-)

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Channel if you want to see more of these as they come down the pike!


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