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So... you're starting to see the need to begin making the switch. What does that look like, practically? Where to even begin??

As the primary gatekeeper of your home, you have 100% say as to what comes through your doors and goes into your cupboards.

Two popular sayings that have always really resonated with me are:

"When you KNOW better, you DO better"


"Knowledge is POWER"

In other words, once you learn a better way, it's the right next step to take the action needed to move forward in confidence that you're on the right track... even if it's uncharted territory and you're not quite sure what that's all going to look like.

All that said, I, too, know what it feels like to be at the beginning saying, "NOW WHAT? I don't even know where to begin!". I was there once too. TAKE IT JUST ONE BITE AT A TIME, FRIEND!

So. I'd like to start you off with some easy, but also super helpful (and thought-provoking!) educational links to help bring into focus for you some of the areas that you can practically start addressing in your life and home...


Think the scented candles in your living room are no big deal? Or what about your perfume... laundry soap... lotions... cleaners... even toothpaste?

This one will get you thinking about a few everyday things that you may not have given a second thought to before!

>>>Click the image to view <<<

(You will be taken to a new tab so you

don't lose this page and can come

right on back to keep reading :-)


How about a few more practical ideas for around the home?

Check out Young Living's excellent blog "The Lavender Life" for easy things you can get going on right away.

>>>Click the image to


Want to focus on switching over to better cleaners to start? How about ONE foundational bottle that covers all your bases?

Here are 28 easy DIY ways to use just one bottle in a brief PDF (viewable online) booklet to seriously ignite the cleaning bug!

>>>Click on the image to see your options<<<


Is doing the "Ditch 'n Switch" affordable, you ask? How can one do this in a way that is most optimal & manageable? Check out my latest post on my Bloom Crew YouTube Channel to find out how we've done it as a family all these years (plus a reveal of my two latest completely FREE orders of over $400 USD in product)!

It's a long one (I guess I had a lot to cover!) but packed with really good info I know you'll appreciate learning about. Pour yourself a cup of tea (or nutrient-rich shot of Ningxia Red :-) and enjoy!

(CORRECTION NOTE: At the 11:10 mark, I mention your percentage back in points at the 4 month mark on the Loyalty program. I mistakenly said it's 25% back when it's actually 20% back. Darn those menopause brain burps! :-)


Thanks for taking a toxin-free living stroll with me today! Be sure to read below how you can get going if you're feeling ready to make some changes!

>>>I'm also reachable via text at 306-228-1630, I'd love to hear from you!<<<


Life can't be all work & no play, now!

My utmost happy place on any given day is time spent with my beloved horses. Several weeks ago I had the opportunity with our two youngest boys Kevin & Brad to trailer 3 of our steeds to a "Mounted Archery" clinic. We not only survived (as complete rookies)—but I'm officially hooked! What a hoot!!


from your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett (Member #14678057)


ps) >>>If this is all new to you but you're feeling that inner "nudge" to start making a shift in the right direction, click HERE to make your 1st Young Living order with me.

>>>If you're already a member of my Bloom Crew with a YL account & feel inspired to start making MORE of a switch, head over to Young Living to log in HERE—and be sure to

add your products of choice via the Loyalty (aka Essential Rewards) program!


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