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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

It's not nearly as scary as you may think, and here's why...

So here's the thing...

If you've read my eBook "The Oil of the Good Samaritan" and also read "18 Reasons to Choose Young Living" on my BLOOM CREW site, you already know that it really is a minefield out there in regards to purity & efficacy with essential oils... and that Young Living's oils are unparalleled. That has been firmly established.

But what about this "membership" thing... are there any surprises, hidden fees, or anything to snag you unawares? Do you have to be a "seller" to be able to get a wholesale account or be on their Loyalty Program? And what about it being "network marketing"—is that even legit?! And why can't you just get your oils from a store or online and be done with it..?

Rest easy, my friend!

You're in good hands. Now... take a much-needed break from the fast pace of life & go get a nice cup of herbal tea, then hunker down to learn all that the amazing YL educator Jen O'Sullivan has to share with us about all of that!


A visual re-cap of Jen's TOP 10 REASONS for you...

(click on the image to enlarge )


Now... what are you waiting for?

~Lea Mallett

If you're new to essential oils and would like to place an order under me, visit:

Pick your country of residence (there are over 100 markets serviced worldwide!),

then use my YL Member #14678057 in both the Enroller and Sponsor fields.

If you'd prefer that I facilitate your enrollment for you and/or customize your order to get the Luz de Maria or Thieves PowerHouse Packs groupings, click HERE to fill out a preliminary form on this site.


Happy to have you join my Crew! I have SO much to share with you once you're onboard with your first oils order! And best of all, you won't be on your own trying to learn it all.


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