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Updated: Apr 6, 2022

God is always full of surprises... and this one's a DOOZY!

I've really, really liked (no, LOVED!) my tucked-away life on this wonderful little farm with my beloved humans & animals in the bald prairies of Saskatchewan the last 13 blessed years.

GLORY LANE ACRES. It's where we got our 1st family milk cow. Our 1st puppy. Our 1st batch of kitties. Our 1st chickens. Designed my 1st barn. Grew my 1st monstrous garden. Canned my 1st deadly batch of chokecherry syrup. Made our own hay. Raised my 1st foal. Gave all my grandbabies their very 1st horsey ride... AHH... SO MANY AMAZING firsts, I've simply lost track of them all!

So it's almost completely counter-intuitive that I would even remotely consider moving from this blessed place. ALMOST.

You see... Mark & I have actually felt these inexplicable stirrings of being possibly uprooted a number of times in the past 8 years, despite the incredible blessing of this wonderful little corner of the world that we've called our home.

So, we've tentatively knocked on that mysterious door thinking maybe it was "time" to move our family for reasons mostly unknown (once almost clear across the continent to the Maritimes!). Thank goodness we always prayed for God's intervention to save us from ourselves if it wasn't His will. Because He always clearly, and in His most unmistakable and definitive clarity, blocked it each and every time (and much to my great relief, to be perfectly honest!).

But not this time. Our beloved farm has sold (to a truly amazing, faith-filled, horse-loving, home-schooling family, I might add), and we are moving. FOR REAL.

And so, I find myself in two very diametrically opposed places right now:

  1. Full of awe... hope-filled expectation, and gratitude about God's clear and unmistakeable leading this time around, coupled with excitement for new beginnings & the adventures that await us (many horse-related, no less, as our new property has a creek/ravine & lots of trees with cutlines that lead down to the river!).

  2. Full of grief... that awful, immobilizing, excruciating grief of having to let go of something so very special to me... my "baby"... this kiss on my cheek from my heavenly Father who knew how badly my country-girl heart needed it... this place that I've poured my heart & soul into making a beautiful safe haven and place of so many lasting memories for my dear family.


I am learning to let go. It's hard. I don't like change, I really don't. I don't like leaving dear friends behind or yanking the roots out from under our kids, some who are really struggling with this sudden shift. I like the familiar. My functional home, where everything has a place. I really don't like being overwhelmed and out of control (my perpetual state these past two years, it seems!)... and it's only going to get more intense once we get the keys to our new farm at week's end, and the inevitable exodus from here begins to unfold over the next month.

But despite all these powerful feelings, I also know that this is a really important time to put into action the two primary mottos that I've always governed my life by. And I hope this speaks to your heart today too!

One has to choose daily to...

And trust that...


I do know that even though I feel like I'm being shot out of a cannon right about now (understatement of the year!), I suspect that I'll likely come out the other side maybe a little (or a lot!) bruised up... but all the stronger for it despite.

Because, ultimately, God is the author of all of it. And because we asked Him to be.

So, all that said! What does this mean for you all, my dear Bloom Crew members and subscribers?

Don't you worry, other than the obvious need at hand to shift much of my focus for the next couple months, I'm not "going" anywhere! Honest!! I just won't be as readily available to answer questions and provide guidance as much as I typically try to for the next month or so (thanks for your understanding :-)

And have no fear, just in case you were wondering, if you have a Young Living account under me (or under someone on my Team), you'll still be part of the Bloom Crew, and I'll still be your Bloom Crew leader! I'm still very committed to continue to use the gifts God has given me to share what I've been blessed to learn about these wonderful oils with you all. God willing, I'll be BACK IN THE SADDLE soon, all guns a'blazing! ;-)


In closing, may I ask for your prayers for Mark & I and our family as we navigate this time of great transition and painful uprooting? Specifically for protection from any snares of the enemy, and that we will have the endurance & resolve to embrace whatever God permits to come our way in the days & months to come.

Know that you all are in my prayers as well, my fellow sojourners, as we all seek to be good stewards of the many gifts God has bestowed on us. Be well!


from your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett

(Member #14678057)

PS) No, we're not leaving Canada, in case you were wondering! Just going next door to Alberta, my home province. Not because it is being governed any better or differently (all Canadian provinces are under Trudeau's suffocating regime—even more prayer & sacrifices needed there!)... but simply because the way has been made so very clear this time. And so we walk forward in faith & trust in God's most Holy Will for us.

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Wow, Leah. Thanks to you and Mark for sharing all this (I read the Now Word he sent out yesterday). Though we've only talked a couple of times, I've really appreciated you sharing so beautifully from your heart. You're a wonderful light in the world, and a courageous one! Will certainly keep you in my prayers. God keep you, protect you and get you through this anguishing time. So you're moving to Alberta! A step closer to B.C. where I live, that's heartening to me... With BC the way it is under the NDP, I've sometimes thought of moving to Alberta myself!

Lea Mallett
Lea Mallett
Apr 07, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Joanne! 15 years ago when we moved from Alberta to Saskatchewan with all our kids, I joked that we were then in perpetual "exile" from Alberta because of the real estate boom there. Saskatchewan did manage to catch up just a smidge... that is another part of the miracle of us being able to go back, I suppose! It will be very nice being closer to both our extended families again after so long away. Farther from one daughter and 2 (coming 3!) grandbabies, though... that is an extremely difficult one on the heart.

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