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My Mac wasn't able to upload my image onto the picure profile (it wouldn't scale down), so I'm posting it here.

Hi everyone. Just a brief intro: I took early retirement 4 years ago from a long career as a primary teacher and later teacher librarian. I live with my husband of almost 35 years, and our dog, Mollie and goat, Boo-Boo on just under an acre in Mission, BC. We live next door to 18 acres of fields and woodlands that no one currently lives on, so our goat and the neighbour's goats have permission to roam and forage, nibbling the blackberries to their great delight.

My big loves are God, family, friends, artistic endevours (jewelry making, sewing, acrylic painting and drawing) gardening and learning about alternative medicine. I've had an awesome naturopath for 24 years now and read some of the classic health books. So much to learn! I stumbled across Mark Mallet's videos last summer and about 3 months ago visited his website Countdown to the Kingdom for the first time. What a wonderful website! It was there that I found our lady's messages about the use of herbs and a link to Lea's website.

Which has led me here! Hope to meet all of you soon and am really excited to begin a huge learning curve about essential oils!