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The Heart of Young Living

This... THIS is just one of the countless reasons why I proudly represent this incredible company and their life-changing products!

The very heart of Young Living's founder & visionary, Gary Young, has always been mission-driven... about loving on and bringing value and deep purpose to the lives of others all over the world.

When at Convention in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, the presentation on the Young Living Foundation had me in tears it was so incredibly moving to see how many thousands of lives have been changed over the years. I have no doubt that Gary would be extremely proud of how his legacy lives on in the Foundation to this very day.

Here is just one example of many projects to help the needy via the Foundation...

DID YOU KNOW? 100% of the proceeds designated for Young Living's Foundation projects such as this go directly to each mission... Young Living covers ALL admin etc. costs.

To learn more about Young Living's Foundation, visit my YouTube playlist HERE.

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