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Essential Recipe: LEMONY BEANS

Take your special occasion cooked beans to a WHOLE new level!

What IS it about cooked green beans that has the potential make a person cringe just a little? Well, not on MY watch! The key to tasty cooked beans is in two things (in my humble opinion)...

1) Don't, for goodness sake, over-cook! 2) Add a couple drops of yummy essential oils together with your other seasonings

Let's see what adding a dash of Lemon Vitality and Black Pepper Vitality can do for your taste buds! (Need a little clarity on what it means to be a "Vitality Oil"? Check out my blog posting on that topic HERE)

Do you have a few minutes to spare to take one more happy step towards healthier eating? Adding essential oils (and switching away from nasty ingredients, like artery-clogging margarine and void-of-key-minerals commercial table salt) not only brings a whole new level of YUM to your food, it also adds some pretty amazing health benefits as well!

(Click on image to enlarge)


Want an easy-to-follow recipe to print out & build your own "Hack Binder" collection?

I've got that covered! Anyone who makes their first Young Living essential oils purchase through me (or through someone on my BLOOM CREW team), gets approved by me for exclusive & full access to helpful & practical BLOOM CREW Hacks like this sweet "Essential Edibles" one from my RESOURCES VAULT (see the "Resources" tab above for a sneak peak Overview of some of the fabulous things you'll find in there!).


When you've logged in via the PRIVATE TEAM ACCESS link (above left), all BLOOM CREW Hacks are available in the RESOURCES VAULT for you to download and print out if you like!


For more information about essential oils and how to get started with them, please take a read of the "Essential Oils Hub" in the navigation menu, above!

Thanks for joining me today!

~Lea Mallett

YL Member #14678057

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