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Product Focus: VITALITY OILS

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Did you know that Young Living has a dedicated line of DIETARY essential oils?

You heard that right: some essential oils can be INGESTED!

Several years ago, Young Living decided to take the guesswork out of which oils have been determined to be safe to consume IN ADDITION to the option of using them aromatically and/or topically. This means, simply, that any Young Living essential oil with a dietary designation has been certified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) to consume, and can be specifically labelled as such.

Now... the question often posed to me is "But is the dietary oil made differently than the oil of the same name but with a different label?" (such as Thieves Vitality and Thieves Oil, for instance, as seen below), or "Will I be doing something wrong if I don't use the Vitality oil for dietary purposes?".

SHORT ANSWER: No, not in the least!

LONG ANSWER: No, the contents are exactly the same... so you can rest easy knowing that nothing is different content-wise between the two bottles! The primary reason that the dietary oils are labelled differently is to be in full compliance with strict FDA laws that ensure consumers are clear which specific essential oils are safe to consume in cooking or for therapeutic purposes (while the others, typically in the larger 15 ml bottles, are pre-designated to be used for topical or aromatic use).

First, a quick clarification...

Since I have an international readership and not all of you are based in the US: For those of you who are based in Canada or abroad, your dietary line of oils is labelled the Plus ("+") line, with similar white labelling. Since each country has their own regulatory procedure for approving dietary products, you will need to check out the Young Living online catalogue in your country's market to see which dietary oils are available to you (Note: any oils or products that aren't available can always be purchased via the US market and imported to you).


How is the Vitality (or "+") line useful, you ask?

It's no secret that for the last 10 years since discovering these powerful oils and beginning the incredible journey of transforming my struggling health, that I've become a HUGE believer in integrating essential oils into not just my everyday life, but the life of my family. We consistently employ ALL THREE modalities of essential oil use: aromatic (via ultra-sonic diffusers or direct inhalation), topical (via roller bottle diluted with a carrier oil, or direct application "neat" from the bottle), or ingestion (via adding to cooking, neat from the bottle, or in veg caps/supplements).

I can personally attest to how the dietary-designated oils, for one, have taken not only my cooking and food prep to a whole new level of YUM, but how they've supercharged my wellness arsenal as well!

Some of my personal favourites in cooking & baking are Dill (home-made mayo & egg dishes), Basil (soups, stews and chicken dishes), Cinnamon Bark (Hot chocolate, French toast, pancakes, baking), Lemongrass (salad dressings & stir-frys), Black Pepper (anything that calls for pepper, really), Citrus Fresh (salad dressings, smoothies, even fancy ice cubes), and Lime (desserts, smoothies) just to name a few. And of course Thieves, Oregano and DiGize are staples in our home to support specific health needs such as battling cold/flu, infections, and digestive upset (best taken in veg caps & swallowed).

I also really appreciate that Young Living has integrated many dietary essential oils right into their oil-infused supplements and nutritionals. How smart is THAT??

Now... we all know we have to get enough water into us every day to help our bodies function optimally and to effectively flush out toxins—so why not make it super tasty AND health-fortifying at the same time?!

Hydrate & Fortify with Vitality Oils

The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few examples of some practical and very hassle-free and do-able ways you can integrate dietary oils in your everyday life.

Such as simply:

>>>Adding to water to help you stay hydrated and fortified...

Helpful tip: Essential oils and water don’t mix very well together. Use something to help disperse the oil (otherwise known as emulsify), like sliced or pureed fruit, a sprinkle of monk fruit sugar (low glycemic index), smidge of maple syrup, or just stir well right before sipping.


Some fun ideas to take it to the next level if you're the experimenting type (click on the banner below to view my new Blog posting on that!)...


>>>Or keep it uber easy and simply add a squirt of Young Living's delicious electrolyte-charged Vitality Drops to your glass of ice water or smoothie...


>>>Sipping on Young Living's yummy oil-infused steeped Vitality Teas...


>>>Drinking Young Living's oil-infused Ningxia Red (a veritable powerhouse of anti-oxidant and phyto-nutrient goodness in a 2 oz daily shot)...

(click the image above to read more about Ningxia Red)




  1. If you're already a Young Living member, simply log in to your account by going to the Young Living website for your country then add what you want to your cart (either via your Subscription cart, or One-time order). Be sure to click on the "SALE" category in the online catalogue to see if there are any special sales you can benefit from!

  2. If you're all new to Young Living essential oils and would like to place an order to get yourself started, go ahead and CLICK HERE to fill out the Preliminary Order Form on this site to get off to a proper start as a BLOOM CREW member with access to all the FREE resources and oily education available to my Team. If a member of my BLOOM CREW team sent you here, be sure to put their name in the field asking who referred you! >>>DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL 1ST ORDERS OVER 100 PV (Product Value) UNLOCK THE WHOLESALE PRICES FROM THAT POINT ON? That's a pretty sweet deal!!<<< NOTE: you also have the option to self-order over on the Young Living site if you prefer, but starting HERE will get you going in the right direction so you're not accidentally "orphaned" to the wrong enroller and end up not part of my team! (Trust me, it happens more often that anyone likes and is very complicated to fix afterwards!)


In closing, my thought for the day...

That's it for juicy oily tidbits for today! Be sure to reach out via the Chat link (below, right) if you have any questions!

Blessings, your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett

(Member #14678057)

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