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Diffuser Blends: SUMMER

Summer is in full swing; soak up the rays & breathe deeply!

Time to be fully present in the moment... absorbing the sights, sounds, and invigorating scents that nature has to offer.

Feel free to mix & match to see what your all-time favourite aromatic combinations are! (Hint: there is no "wrong" way to make your diffuser blends-—experiment with what oils and oil blends most resonate with your aromatic palate!)

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Want to be able to print this out & add to your own "Hack Binder" collection?

I've got that covered! Anyone who makes their first Young Living essential oils purchase through me (or through someone on my BLOOM CREW team), gets approved by me for exclusive & full access to the Team Area where you can find helpful & practical BLOOM CREW Hacks just like this in my RESOURCES VAULT (pull down the "Resources" tab above for a sneak peak Overview).

NOTE: BLOOM CREW Members who have already requested and been granted access to the Team Area, go ahead and CLICK HERE to download your printable version (after you've logged in, of course!) to add to your growing Hack Binder! :-)


Okay, that's it for juicy oily ideas today! :-)

Blessings, your BLOOM CREW leader

~Lea Mallett

If you're new to essential oils and would like to place an order to get yourself started, go ahead and click HERE to fill out the Preliminary Order Form on this site. If a member of my BLOOM CREW team sent you here, be sure to put their name in the field asking who referred you!


Happy to have you join my Crew! I have SO much to teach you once you're onboard with your first oils order! And best of all, you won't be on your own trying to learn it all!


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