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Essential Recipe: CRANBERRY SAUCE

Updated: 4 days ago

Take your holiday Cranberry Sauce to a WHOLE other level!

Several years ago our oldest daughter Tianna suggested I try adding the festive Young Living oil blend "Christmas Spirit" to my Christmas Cranberry Sauce. Hey, I'm always up for fresh new ideas—and all I can say is WOW!! Who'd a thought?!?


Do you have a few minutes to spare to take one more happy step towards healthier eating? Adding essential oils (and switching away from not-so-good ingredients) not only brings a whole new level of YUM to your food, it also adds some pretty amazing health benefits as well!

And while you're at it, how about ditching the toxic candles and adding a few drops into your ultra-sonic diffuser as well? And don't be afraid to experiment & explore your aromatic palette—you really can't go wrong aromatically with essential oils made from any manner of conifer tree (pine, fir, spruce) or citrus fruit!

Joy... Happiness... Comfort... Security... these are the emotions evoked when the essential oil blend Christmas Spirit fills your senses!

(Click on image to enlarge)

(HINT: Add an even more delightful twist to your Cranberry Sauce! Try a few drops of the delightful essential oil Tangerine oil to the recipe! Delish!!)


Want an easy-to-follow recipe to print out & build your own "Hack Binder" collection?

I've got that covered! Anyone who makes their first Young Living essential oils purchase through me (or through someone on my BLOOM CREW team), gets approved by me for exclusive & full access to helpful & practical BLOOM CREW Hacks like this sweet "Essential Edibles" one from my RESOURCES VAULT (see the "Resources" tab above for a sneak peak Overview of some of the fabulous things you'll find in there!).


When you've logged in via the PRIVATE TEAM ACCESS link (above left), all BLOOM CREW Hacks are available in the RESOURCES VAULT for you to download and print out if you like!

GIFT IDEA! Put the ingredients for this recipe together in a gift box for your loved ones or friends, and tuck the printed recipe page in with it to show them just how easy & fun it is to make! Let the blessings flow! :-)


For more information about essential oils and how to get started with them, please take a read of the "Essential Oils Hub" in the navigation menu, above!

Thanks for joining me today!

~Lea Mallett

YL Member #14678057

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