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Medicinal Plants Equivalents as per Luz de Maria


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...and my posting on Good Samaritan Oil versus Thieves HERE

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Consider these packs as mere guidelines to assist you in building your wellness toolkit!

Due to many requests for a comprehensive list of equivalent Young Living essential oils & products in accordance with the plants identified by Our Lady to Luz de Maria, I have referenced and cross-referenced what would be most suitable as a starting point.

The following grouping has been custom-created according to need. While it's one thing to have the above equivalent products in accordance with the plants identified, it's yet another to have ALL the tools to use everything as effectively as possible, in addition to completing your wellness toolkit...



  • White Angelica Oil — Broad spectrum Digestive Support, an Expectorant, Calming, and excellent for Skin Issues

  • Davana Oil (aka Artemisa or Mugwort) — for Skin Disease, Parasites, and Fever

  • Pine Oil — Respiratory, Antiseptic, & Inflammation-supportive

  • Rosemary Oil — Stimulates healthy digestive activity, Antibiotic, Insects 

  • Ginger Oil — Digestive & expectorant

  • Oregano Oil —Natural Antibiotic

  • Deep Relief Blend — Comparable to Nettle; supports Arthritis & Nerves

  • Super C Tablets — Potent oil-infused supplement — for hefty Immune Support, Hemoglobin 
    Production  & Tissue Repair

  • Thieves Hand Soap — Contains Gingko Biloba for protection, plus of course Thieves/Oil of the Good Samaritan!

  • Seedlings Baby Wash or Wipes (contains Euphrasia & Calendula, or Marigold) — Eye & Skin conditions/flushing    


GOOD NEWS! No more need to mess with trying to guess at the recipe for the five Oils of the Good Samaritan that Our Lady recommended via Luz de Maria!


Using Thieves not only Topically but Aromatically as well should not be under-estimated! This super-pack grouping gets you benefitting from your Thieves BOTH ways... and best of all, once your roll-on runs out, you simply top it right up again: 1 part Thieves to 5 parts V-6 Carrier oil ratio, and you're good to go!


  • Clear Vegetable Capsules For ease of dietary oils consumption. Available only in the US pack, but can also be purchased via the "NFR" (not for resale) market for members from other countries

  • Oregano Vitality Oil  As a powerful natural antibiotic, Oregano is essential, and very prudent to have a little extra on hand, since the Medicinal Plants Pack only comes with a 5 mL bottle to start

  • Rose Ointment — Highly beneficial to heal and seal in the effectivity of the topical oils such as Davana and Angelica. Especially useful in sensitive skin areas that need the extra healing support

  • V-6 Carrier Oil Made with the same top standards as Young Living's essential oils & with a long shelf life, V-6 is ideal for covering larger areas, prolonging effectivity of the oils, and also for dilution of stronger topical oils

  • Ningxia Red 2 oz Sachets — Made from the purée of complete Ningxia Wolfberries, Ningxia Red is a nutrient-dense drink that offers superior anti-oxidant (free-radical fighting) value, plus minerals, fibre, and whole-food nutrition. Comes in 30 convenient and portable 2 oz sachets

Blackberries have also been mentioned, but if the goal is detoxing and fortifying, Young Living's super-nutrient-dense drink Ningxia Red gets my unanimous vote. It is an absolute powerhouse of value in both superior anti-oxidant value as well as fibre, minerals, and whole-food nutrition.


NOTE: Occasional items may need to be substituted for equivalent products in the case of unavailability. While I feel there are certainly more oils and oil-infused products that would definitely be powerful and immune-fortifying that I could highly recommend, these are the ones that align with Our Lady's messages, which I'm sure many people will appreciate as a starting point to know at least where to begin to build all-natural Wellness Emergency Kit.

It is important to always remember the Our Lady has been essentially POINTING US BACK TO GOD'S CREATION for the building up/restoration of our bodies. So consider the list given via Luz de Maria to be a starting-point guideline, and not to exclude the countless other God-given solutions at our disposal, once we have access to them!

Stay tuned for a comprehensive "How-To" document in the use and application of these products, available in early 2021 for all who purchase one or both of these packs!

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