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"Oil of the Good Samaritan" eBook: PDF
  • "Oil of the Good Samaritan" eBook: PDF


    The THIEVES ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND, otherwise known as the  

    OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN, has been recognized for centuries 

    for it's powerful immune-supporting properties.


    Cut through the meat and potatoes of the WHAT, WHY & HOW

    ...and learn what even heaven has to say about it.

    • File Format

      Available in PDF format, sent as a Zip file


      NOTE: If you are a BLOOM CREW Team member with a Young Living account under me or one of my Team leaders who enrolled you, email me for your coupon code to get this PDF file for FREE! 

    • How to upload to your Kindle: 2 ways

      If you have a USB for your Kindle:

      1. Locate the PDF file either on your desktop or within the file browser.
      2. Connect the Kindle to your computer via USB cable. ... 
      3. Locate the “documents” folder within the Kindle. ... 
      4. Drag and drop the PDF file from the original location to the Kindle “documents” folder.


      If your Kindle is wireless:

    • How to Upload to your iPad or iPhone

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