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Oils Premium Starter Bundle—CDN

If you once had a Young Living membership but let it go dormant and would now like to
re-activate, feel free to contact me and I can help get you back up and running.

AN EXTRAORDINARY VALUE that offers a comprehensive introduction to the power of essential oils, this  CDN OILS PREMIUM STARTER BUNDLE offers excellent solutions for you & your loved ones with safe, all natural ingredients you can trust.

NOTE: PREMIUM STARTER KITS are your best possible deal at over

1/2 price off retail, while also allowing you to qualify for a lifetime

Wholesale membership which gives you 24% off all Young Living's

products as long as you keep your membership active. 
(Just ONE order a year is needed to keep from de-activating—absolutely

NO strings attached, or requirement to "sell" product. Yes, for real!)

  • Getting a Premium Starter Kit automatically gives you Wholesale status at 24% off the retail prices.​

  • Does having a "Wholesale" account mean you have to then be "doing the business"...??NO WAY! Pursuing the business is certainly optional, but not required at all! If you only want to buy the oils for personal use, Just keep on enjoying your oils at a way better price break! No strings!

  • Just one 50 PV (equivalent to USD value) order a year keeps your account active & ready to roll whenever needed.


  • Have some goals for your wellness beyond your Starter Kit, and see these products being a key part of your daily life? Choose to join the optional Essential Rewards (ER) program and earn FREE points and oils! (FACT: It's THE BEST bang for your buck, hands down!!)

  • Essential Rewards sound like a good match for you? An easy commitment of 50 PV (product value = US equivalent) per month maintains access to all the potential points and oils you can earn, as well as specially discounted Essential Rewards Kits.​

  • YOU get to pick what comes to you once a month—you won't be stuck with items you haven't picked yourself.

  • Afraid you'll get hooked into a program you can't get out of easily? Not in the least!! If you feel you no longer find a need for Young Living's many oils and oil-infused products on a regular basis, simply cancel your ER and go back to making one 50 PV order a year minimum. (HINT: Be sure to cash in your accumulated rewards points first, though!)

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