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HI Everyone,

I am married with 4 children, all grown and all have families of there own. I live on Whidbey Island, which is one of the islands off Washington State. We have been on the island for about 25 years. It is alot like being out in the country, deer walk through your yard, there are horses right down the street and you see bald eagles flying looking for food. I do love it here, the only bad thing is the ferry line. It is a short crossing across the water, about 15 minutes. There usually are 2 boats, but since Covid, it is a guessing game on if we have two or just one, so it makes the lines and getting home much longer if we have to go across.

Two of my daughters and their families live on the island. Right now, one of my daughters and her family are living with us and the other daughter has acreage about 10 miles down the main highway. I have another daughter that lives on the mainland and I have a son that lives in California. We are a very close family and I see my children and grandchildren alot that live on the island. I have one 15 year old grandson that loves sports, he plays baseball, basketball and football, and is really good at all three. Then his brother who is 16 likes to play football, they were on the same team. So there is always games of sometype to go to. Right now, that is our only recreation and if we can't go to a game, it is usually live streamed, and we can watch the game on TV. My husband has alot of medical issues, so going and doing most things can be challenging at times. So, these games get us out of the house and they have really been a God send.

Bless you all,

Pamela Cottrell

Pamela Cottrell

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