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My husband and I love living in the country. We were able to move to the country one year after we were married and we've been married for 43 years now. I grew up in a very large city; and as a kid, my dream was to have a horse. We did get horses when our daughter was 10 years old. We had many enjoyable years with horses and 4H animals...chickens, rabbits, geese, ducks, turkeys, dogs, cats, even guinea pigs way back. I would like to get chickens again, just to have them roaming around the yard, enjoying their antics, also, importantly, getting eggs every day. We have been enjoying lots of wildlife, birds, turkeys, chipmunks, squirrels and have even had many other animals come through here...bear, skunks, grey fox, red fox, racoons, and we even had a recent bobcat jog through our yard. We have strong Our Faith is strong in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the One True God, Three Persons. God Bless!!!